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Orange County Wholesale Flowering Trees

Lagerstroemia indica ‘faueri’  (Crape myrtle)  Small to medium, deciduous tree.  Comes in different colors, white, pinks, lavenders.  Mildew resistant, attractive smooth bark, grows to 20’-25’ tall.



Jacaranda mimosifolia  (Jacaranda)  Deciduous tree to 35’-40’ by 25’-30’ wide.  Canopy habit, gorgeous purple cluster flowers in spring.  Does cause some litter, not good over driveways, patios.



Markhamia hilderbrandtii  (Markhamia)  Semi-deciduous tree to 30’ by 20’.  Very showy golden yellow trumpet flowers in spring and summer.  Regular water, grows fairly quickly.


Prunus krauter vesuvius  (Purple leaf plum)  Deciduous, non-fruiting, smaller tree to 20’-25’.  Handsome purple foliage, and pink flowers in spring.  Good contrast with other green plants.


Pyrus kawakami  (Evergreen Pear)  Ornamental pear with showy white flowers in Jan-Feb.  The tree looses its leaves briefly.  Horizontal branch structure, very attractive smaller tree to 20’-25’.  Does have problem with fire-blight.

Cassia leptophylla  (Gold Medallion tree)  Evergreen small tree to 20’.  Has a canopy habit, and very show yellow medallion flowers in clusters.   Blooms in spring. 



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