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Orange County Palms Wholesale Nursery

Arecastrum romanzoffianum  (Queen Palm)  Fairly fast growing to 35’-40’.  Shallow rooted, develops fruit that falls, takes wind.  Very popular, easy to grow.


Archontophoenix cunninghamiana  (King Palm)  Slow growing to 30’-35’.  Frost tender in inland areas.  Does not take wind well, fronds will tatter and brown.  Attractive in multi-trunk form, fronds are self cleaning.


Phoenix roebelini (Pygmy Date Palm)  Slow-growing palm to 8’-10’.  Will take sun or shade, regular water.  Attractive as multi-trunk. 

Chamerops humilis  (Mediterranean Fan Palm)  Fairly slow-growing clumping palm with fan fronds to 20’ eventually.  Striking multi-trunk specimen with age.


Washingtonia robusta  (Mexican Fan Palm)  Fast growing single trunk palm to 50-70’.  To keep trunk looking smooth, you must have it ‘skinned’, this entails cutting fronds off flush with trunk.

Cycas revoluta  (Sago Palm)  Slow-growing cycad (cone-bearing) dark green stiff fronds.  Can be grown as single trunk or with age multi-trunk.  Tends to be more attractive when young.

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