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Wholesale Drought Tolerant Trees

Rhus lancea  (African Sumac)  Slower growing evergreen tree to 20’ to 30’ tall, 20’ to 30’ wide.  Open spreading habit, weeping willow like leaves.


Schinus molle  (California Pepper)  Native tree, fast growing to 40’-50’.  Weeping habit resembling willow.  Red peppers are attractive.  Good tree for the right location.  Does have some litter that inhibits under plantings.

Acacia smallii  (Sweet Acacia)  Deciduous, fine foliaged tree to 15’-25’ tall, and 10’-20’ wide.  Yellow flowers in spring, thorny branches.

Prosopsis chilensis  (Chilean Mesquite)  Semi-deciduous desert tree, to 20-30’ tall by 15’-20’ wide.  Nice branch structure, lacy foliage, small yellow-green flowers in spring and summer.

Quercus agrifolia  (Coast Live Oak)  Slow growing evergreen to 20’-70’ and as wide with age.   Somewhat greedy roots, drops leaves in spring, while pushing out new ones.  Handsome, attractive shade tree.

Acacia stenophylla  (Shoestring Acacia)  Evergreen tree to 20’to 25’ by  15’-20’.  Leaves resemble strings.  Very airy and see-through, open weeping habit.  Fast growing.

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