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Wholesale Evergreen Trees & Shade Trees

Cupaniopsis anacardiodes  (Carrotwood tree)  Evergreen tree to 35’-40’.  Has a canopy habit.  Useful as foundation tree or background.  Very popular.


Cinnamomum camphora  (Camphor tree)  Evergreen tree to 40’-50’ eventually.  Moderate growth rate when young, speeds up with age.  Nice canopy, disease free.

Magnolia grandiflora  (Southern Magnolia)  Evergreen, flowering trees.  Different varieties range in size from 20’to 50’.  Flowers fragrant, likes good drainage.

Agonis flexousa  (Peppermint Willow)  Evergreen, weeping habit to 30’ by 25’.  Not related to true willow.  Non-invasive roots, disease free.

Ficus nitida  (Indian Laurel)  Evergreen fast growing tree to 50-70’.  Somewhat invasive roots, natural habit of this tree.  Used for screening as well.  Good tree for the right situation.

Metrosideros excelsus  (New Zealand Christmas Tree)  Evergreen tree to 20-30’.  Good along coast.  Red flowers somewhat showy resemble bottlebrush flowers.  Gray green foliage, good substitute for olive trees.

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