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Orange County Wholesale Screen Trees

Tristania  conferta  (Brisbane box)  Fast growing evergreen  to 35’ tall and 20’wide.  Takes almost any soil.  Little to regular water once established.


Podocarpus gracilior  (Fern Pine)  Medium growth rate to 20’-45’ by 10’-20’ wide.  Among the cleanest pest free trees for this area.


Ligustrum japonica  (Japanese Privet)  Fast growing large shrub or small tree to 10’ to 15’ by 8’to 10’.   Full sun to partial shade, regular water.


Ficus ‘Green Gem’  (Green Gem Ficus)  Fast growing tree to 30’to 40’ by 15’ to 20’.   Evergreen, full sun.  Resilient to cuban laurel thrip. 
Prunus caroliniana  (Carolina Cherry)  Evergreen large shrub or small tree to 20’to 25’ tall and 10’ to 15’ wide.  Can be clipped as hedge or tall screen.


Meleluca leucodendron  (Cajeput Tree)  Evergreen tree to 25’to 35’ by 10’to 15’ wide.   Upright open habit .   Little to regular water once established.


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